How do I become a pilot


  1. Training overview
  2. How do I start my pilot training at the "Limburgse Vleugels"
  3. Medical examination
  4. Training License and logbook
  5. Theoretical training
  6. Flying training
  7. Adresses

1. Training overview

The private pilot training consists of a theoretical and a flying part, both are terminated with an exam. To obtain a pilot license there are some medical requirements therefore you need to pass a medical examination.

The flying training can be started before you pass the medical exam but you can not fly solo as long as you don't have a medical license. The theoretical course is not a requirement to start flying but you need to have successfully passed your theoretical exam before you can do the practical exam.

2. How do I start my pilot training at the "Limburgse Vleugels"

If you decide you want to start a pilot training, you need to become member of the aeroclub. The fee* is 220€ anually and a one time entry fee of 250€*.

We currently have 8 instructors and 6 aircraft of which 2 Cessna 152 training aircraft and one of the Cessna 172's can be used as a training aircraft as well.

3. Medical examination

There are 2 kinds of medical certificates, class 1 and class 2. The class 1 is required for a professional pilot while the class 2 is sufficient for a private pilot license (PPL). As a private pilot you can also request a class 1 medical exam but it is more expensive and the validity period is shorter.

The medical examination has to be requested at "Federale Overheidsdienst Mobiliteit en Vervoer" section "Luchtvaart". Once you passed the medical examination you can request a training license and logbook.

See the links in the sidebar for more information or talk to an instructor.

4. Training license and logbook

Once you have your medical license, you can request a training license. You need to have a training license before you can fly solo (alone) under supervision of the instructor.

Because of the transitioning from RF (Registered Facility) to the European EASA/ATO (Approved Training Organisation) you best ask an instructor for the procedure to start the training and obtain the necessary documents.

5. Theoretical training

The theoretical course can be followed as a weekly class course (Monday evening) or you could opt for distance learning for which you have a few options in Belgium. The course and exam have to be done in the country where you will do you flying training. For a PPL the course covers the following subjects:

  1. Rules of the air and air traffic control
  2. Aircraft technical
  3. Performance and planning
  4. Human performance and limitations
  5. Meteorology
  6. Navigation
  7. Operational procedures
  8. Principles of flight (aerodynamics)
  9. Communication

After following the course and trial examinations you will receive a declaration by the head of training which will allow you to request an exam which has to be passed at the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority in Brussels, the exams are multiple-choice (120 questions).

6. Flying training

The flying training covers a minimum of 45 flying hours, of which a minimum of 10 hours solo flying. In average 50 hours are required to be on level for the examination. Flying training is normally done on the Cessna 152 2-seat training aircraft, but could also be done on the Cessna 172, which is however a bit more expensive.

You start of learning to fly straight and level, making turns, climbing and descending. Then you will learn some more advanced maneuvers before you will start to learn takeoffs and landings. After about 20 hours you could be flying alone for the first time.

After this you will learn to navigate and fly to controlled aerodromes, as well as learning to handle emergency situations. In the last phase of the training you will do a review of all learned exercises before you will be able to pass the final exam.

7. Adresses

Dienst vliegvergunningen Federale Overheidsdienst Mobiliteit en Vervoer
Directoraat-generaal Luchtvaart
Dienst vergunningen
City-Atrium gebouw
Vooruitgangstraat 56
1210 Brussel
Limburgse Vleugels Limburgse Vleugels VZW
Gemmentelijk vliegveld Genk-Zwartberg
Vliegplein 1
3600 Genk
Tel: 089 38 32 73
Fax: 089 38 58 02